Release the next generation harness

VanBerlo is proud to announce that our partner Skelex has presented their newest concept, a super light weight and comfortable exoskeleton with a hugely improved range of motion;

A new exoskeleton…

The exoskeletons from Skelex help workers by supporting their arms against gravity so they can focus on the job at hand.

Since the first introduction of Skelex, industry insights led to the development of the Skelex 360 — the first exoskeleton with a revolutionary full range of motion. …

Marlon van Schellebeek, Senior PR & Communications Officer at VanBerlo.

By Marlon van Schellebeek — As consumer consciousness grows, the means of generating appeal for a brand have diversified. One concept we have immersed ourselves in recently, is that of storytelling, and how an inspiring story can spark faith in potential consumers.

Regardless of what you do or where your passion and drive lies, one thing is clear, that we all have a unique and interesting story to tell. Whether we care to admit it or not! Telling a story can be as silent as choosing your next purchase, expressing your style, personality and world view. A unique story can…

Pieter de Wit, Senior UX Designer at VanBerlo.

By Pieter de Wit — ​Everybody is talking about it; autonomous cars!

Tesla takes the lead in making autonomous driving accessible to all. Google is testing a prototype that drives fully autonomous. But also Uber, Lyft and companies such as Faraday Future and Rimac are focussing their attention in the same direction.

After two years of doing thorough research, designing, prototyping and testing, we have formed an opinion of our own on this topic. In this article, I will share our take on what we believe are the success criteria for future autonomous driving.

During this process, in the summer…

Eric van Dorst, CTO at VanBerlo

By Eric van Dorst — If a business wants to apply effective security, customer and employee awareness should be at the top of the list. But how exactly do you tackle the security challenge on a daily basis?

In April of last year, we opened a new second office in the former Ypenburg air base. Security was obviously a critical point. Ypenburg is a national monument, so fitting metal bars on all the windows wasn’t really an option. We put our intelligence to work, and have installed several frameworks throughout the building. Each framework has an allotted response time for…

Marlon van Schellebeek, PR & Communications Officer at VanBerlo

By Marlon van Schellebeek — I thought I would ask myself this question just in time for Earth day, where the concepts of sustainability and looking after our natural environment take center stage. Recently I had attended a two-day summit in Stockholm about sustainability and the notion of having a circular economy within the fashion market.

Aside from hearing from some very prominent speakers, like the CEO of H&M, it was a workshop ran by a professor of sustainable design at the University of Brighton called Jonathan Chapman that particularly fascinated me.

He spoke to us about the notion of…

Jelske de Beer, Brand Identity Director at VanBerlo

By Jelske de Beer — We all have a certain curiosity within ourselves. From when we are born it’s this curiosity that lets us discover the world around us. We explore and learn by playing and experiencing, over and over again.

This curiosity is something that can follow us as we grow up and enter our mature and professional life, but our desire to actively explore can get lost along the way. Most of us tend to think that everything we do has to be perfect the first time. We comb through Pinterest, blogs and google searches. …

Delano Keuter, Software Developer at VanBerlo

By Delano Keuter — From 22 to 23 March, Han, Eric and I visited the CeBIT congress in the Hannover Messe, looking to be energised by the newest digital trends and invest in new business relations. CeBIT is known traditionally for its open atmosphere which allows businesses to explore new ideas and opportunities.

We were pleased to experience this welcoming mindset at this year’s fair too, but also adversely surprised by the technology presented.

Forget the rise of disruptive technology. Delete the promising J-curves of the technological revolution from your mind. …

Stefan Smarius, Senior New Media Designer at VanBerlo

By Stefan Smarius — Feedback can help motivate people, and stimulate them to learn more and in less time. By finding a way to use gaming techniques to create humanlike animations in products and services, I have reached my goal of finding an effective way to provide this feedback.

From texting on a smartphone to operating high-tech production facilities, users interact daily with the various devices around them. Devices are presenting more information than ever before, information that virtually begs for user action. And this trend has scientific purpose at its core. It's been proven that when you receive direct…

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