Release the next generation harness

VanBerlo is proud to announce that our partner Skelex has presented their newest concept, a super light weight and comfortable exoskeleton with a hugely improved range of motion;

A new exoskeleton…

The exoskeletons from Skelex help workers by supporting their arms against gravity so they can focus on the job at hand.

Since the first introduction of Skelex, industry insights led to the development of the Skelex 360 — the first exoskeleton with a revolutionary full range of motion. ‘CarbonFlexFrames’ not only give the Skelex 360 increased strength, but also reduce the product’s weight be an astonishing 40%.

The human side…

VanBerlo took the mechanical concept further and developed it in such a way that it has a comfortable fit for the user and is easy to adjust according to different body sizes.

The Skelex 360 features a unique personal harness, that can be optimally adjusted to the workers ergonomics and posture and is pleasant to wear on clothes or skin.

The two immensely strong, but lightweight carbon frames support the arms. By having the frames perfectly positioned to each body, it provides a large range of motion which is experienced as a seamless extension of the body. These parts are easy to remove and reconnect with another harness.In this way one frame could be used by multiple users.

This set-up allows Skelex to offer best in class ergonomics and quick fitting with an attractive pricing.

Soft goods design & prototyping

Both the hard and soft goods development and prototyping was done in-house at VanBerlo. Having these abilities within the VanBerlo skillset enables our team to create smart solutions that seamlessly integrate soft goods with hardware. Next to that, it allows for quick design iteration and the creation of a effective & comfortable product within a short period of time.

We are happy to have the chance to develop both hardware and softgoods. It gave us the opportunity to show how this combination can evolve into an integrated product, which is underlined by the positive feedback given on this concept.




VanBerlo is a strategic design and innovation agency. We define the future by playing with it first.

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VanBerlo | Part of Accenture

VanBerlo | Part of Accenture

VanBerlo is a strategic design and innovation agency. We define the future by playing with it first.

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