Modern Design Tools: Using Real Data
Josh Puckett

Interesting article, the real data issue can be a real headache in agency land. I design apps for the healthcare industry and have found that either marketing departments don’t yet have the data to give you, or are very reluctant to give it to you if they do.

Recently though, I did use real data for an app — name and address details of medical professionals (info that was publicly available). I did this deliberately — medical addresses can be very long and so can Doctor’s names. The marketing department freaked out a bit—they felt that with real practitioners represented it looked like either we were endorsing them, or they were endorsing the product. So I had to use imaginary names and places (yay, actually being creative as a designer!).

Whilst using fake data may set unrealistic expectations, I have found it useful for this (from a project mgmt point of view), when clients see big slabs of lorem ipsum, it tells them something– this part of the project is incomplete and needs to be actioned by someone, or it will be entered later, i.e. user generated.

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