When thieves stole a bunch of company property, police used our bike’s tracking signal to find it all back.

Editor’s note: This story involves a household-name multinational corporation who for legal reasons prefers to remain anonymous. We refer to them here as The Bouncy Bunny Co (TBBC).

When TBBC ordered a small fleet of our electric bikes for their Amsterdam office, it wasn’t a casting call for a company hero. Never mind the nerdy specs, they just wanted some sweet rides.

So we kitted out ten Electrified S bikes with shiny copper fenders and custom logos, and TBBC got busy joyriding.

The good times rolled until exactly eleven months later, when the bikes were packed into a truck heading South as part of an office move to Belgium. …

With over 3.5 million bicycles stolen each year in Europe alone, we consider bike theft as a huge barrier to happy riding. That is why our Bike Hunters are extremely determined to track down every stolen SmartBike. The latest hunt took a team of our top Bike Hunters on a 2,500km journey to Casablanca, Morocco. Instead of saving a stolen SmartBike from Paris, they stumbled upon a warehouse jam-packed with thousands of top-quality bikes.

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Firing up the bike tracker on the streets of Casablanca

Last week we successfully retrieved a stolen SmartBike from a lorry that was bound for Casablanca. At that time, we had also been tracking another stolen SmartBike, and were picking up tracking signals indicating it was in… Casablanca. By now we knew we were onto something, but we needed to move fast. …

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It’s 6pm and while most of Europe are clocking off for the day, our bike hunter Marc’s* day is just getting started. After a frustrating 12 hours trying to track down a stolen SmartBike in Paris, suddenly its anti-theft tracking springs to life again.

There’s just one problem. It’s now 296km from where it was stolen, in an infamous (read: terrifying) neighbourhood in Brussels.

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Two hours, one bus, and a short walk later, our bike hunter is on the ground in Brussels. He rounds the corner, tracker in hand, just in time to see one very shiny SmartBike being loaded onto a truck. …


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