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New Fall TV Preview — September

Premiere Dates and Trailers

There’s just too much to watch these days. Classic re-run channels are developing original comedies, new networks are springing up by the week, even Amazon — the website that literally created an “easy” button to order more Charmin from the toilet — is squeezing out their own series. Web platforms and networks alike are churning out new shows faster than HGTV pumps out episodes of House Hunters. Honestly, I’m half expecting to see a single-camera comedy starring those creepy Property Brothers this fall. And though they say “pilot season” is a thing of the past, this is still the time of the year when content providers lay the proverbial foundation of their houses. Or the ground floor. They start constructing their open-concept layouts. Can I write for that Property Brothers sitcom yet?

But seriously, there’s so much new TV coming up that I’ve decided to outline it just starting with September. It’s your responsibility to find out when your favorite returning shows are coming back. I’m just here to give you a rundown of the brand new comedies and dramas that might speak to you this Fall.

*Full list with premiere dates and trailers at the end of the article*

To get it out of the way, let’s start with the Kevin James-helmed CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait. True, it doesn’t seem he waited at all, but King of Queens has actually been off the air for almost 10 years. This show, however, will really force Kevin to shift gears — it’s about a blue-collar guy dealing with his family. Surprise!

Onto some comedian-helmed series that people are excited about. FX’s newest additions to their dramedy lineup are Better Things and Atlanta, starring Pamela Adlon and Donald Glover, respectively. Adlon — best known from Californication, Louie and as the voice of Bobby Hill — is already receiving rave reviews for this single-camera/single-mother series co-created with Louis C.K. Mr. Glover (aka Childish Gambino) is also sure to deliver his signature charm as a loner who quickly becomes immersed in Atlanta’s burgeoning rap scene. Though, if you just can’t wait until their premiere dates, check out the pilot of Tig Notaro’s One Mississippi. It’s currently free on Amazon, while the rest of the season drops on the website later this month. It truly toes the line between the hilarious and the heart-wrenching.

No stranger to taking comedic risks, this month FOX debuts Son of Zorn, an animated/live-action mashup. The cartoon Zorn is voiced by Jason Sudeikis, who’s joined by the real-life talents of Cheryl Hines, Tim Meadows and Johnny Pemberton as the family he’s trying to reconnect with after years away from Earth. Produced by the team behind The Last Man on Earth, we’re sure to get a quirky comedy that just might stick. On the fully-animated front, Comedy Central debuts Legends of Chamberlain Heights which will follow South Park and has already been picked up for a second season, prior to its premiere.

A required (but quick) rundown of the broadcast network newbies: NBC’s Heaven-set comedy The Good Place starring Kristin Bell and Ted Danson is created by Michael Schur (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and the combo of the three might attract an audience. There’s a baffling Dr. Phil-created legal procedural about his “younger days” as a sexy Bull on CBS. Surprisingly, it’s not a comedy. There’s also a high-profile attorney in cahoots with a headline news producer on ABC’s Notorious and a woman playing Major League Baseball in FOX’s Pitch. Minnie Driver stars as mom-on-a-mission in ABC’s single-camera comedy Speechless and CBS is rehashing MacGyver, while FOX is making The Exorcist into a series.

Perhaps disregarding the recent failure of Rush Hour (which CBS officially cancelled in May), FOX is rebooting another Los Angeles-based buddy-cop franchise with Lethal Weapon. As amazing it would be to see Mel Gibson and Danny Glover reprise their roles for the small screen, they’ve been recast with Damon Wayans Sr. stepping in for Glover. This isn’t FOX’s only “reboot” this year with 24: Legacy on the horizon, though we’ll have to wait until after the Super Bowl to check out that show’s all new cast.

But Kiefer Sutherland fans need not wait…his new ABC drama Designated Survivor will assume a Wednesday night slot, along with Lethal Weapon. In a stroke of utter bad luck, Keifer, as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is not in attendance when there’s an attack on the State of the Union Address. Thus, his lowly cabinet position is thrust into the Presidency. Bespectacled with frames that resemble President Merkin Muffley’s in Dr. Strangelove, we’re sure to witness a meek man rise to greatness.

As far a show that you probably won’t see as many promos for, MTV adds two half hour comedies this month. Loosely Exactly Nicole is a semi-autobiographical show centered on the outrageous Nicole Byers which seems to deliver a joyful energy. The second, Mary + Jane, follows two girlfriends who are trying to amp up their weed delivery business in LA. The show is produced by Snoop Dogg who wrote the theme and will guest star, and might be the only musician still affiliated with MTV at all.

Marvel’s Luke Cage is the newest addition to Netflix’s original content, which will probably ride the tails of Daredevil and Jessica Jones nicely, especially since the character has already made his debut in the latter. They’re also premiering an anthology comedy called Easy from Joe Swanberg (Drinking Buddies). The only real information about the show out there is its star-studded cast, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s in store.

The same can be said of Woody Allen’s Crisis in Six Scenes, which has been pretty well kept under wraps by Amazon. The “sneak peak” isn’t helping to enlighten much either, but if it’s any indication the show will be like getting stuck in a conversation with your neighbor’s grandparents. Fleabag, on the other hand (which Amazon acquired from BBC), is said to be a worthwhile dark, naughty comedy in which we only know main character by the the type of life she leads, that of a “fleabag.”

Coming off the success of its first scripted series Greenleaf earlier this summer, OWN premieres its second with Queen Sugar. The show follows estranged siblings dealing with the inheritance of their father’s Louisiana sugarcane farm. You’d think Oprah would be sick of cover shoots, but she and Ava DuVernay (of Selma, who adapts and directs the show) graced the cover of The Hollywood Reporter’s August issue. Oh, and OWN has already picked the show up for a second season.

Lastly, I would be remiss not to mention the viral trailer for This Is Us, which hit 50 million views its first 11 days on Facebook. Though it’s hard to make out through the sappy amber lighting and the rousing choral rendition of Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up,” that is in fact Mandy Moore in a starring role. Let’s hope the actual episodes captivate as quickly as the first ten-seconds of the trailer…*Spoiler alert* It’s the bare ass of actor Milo Ventimiglia getting frisky with a 9-month-pregnant Mandy. Way to get those Facebook shares, NBC.

There’s definitely TV to watch in September, though there’s also probably a couple things that won’t last through the Fall. And keep your DVRs on standby for the highly anticipated Westworld and Divorce from HBO in early October. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…if Kevin Can Wait, so can we.


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Other Notables:

  • Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe (Mon, Sept. 5)
  • 2017 Miss America Competition (Sun, Sept. 11 ABC)
  • 68th Primetime Emmy Awards (Sun, Sept. 18 ABC)
  • The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey (Sun, Sept. 18 CBS)
  • Presidential Debate (Mon, Sept. 26)

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