On Restarting Midway Through Your Career
Ester Bloom

The general principle in the scene between Butch and Marcellus is that money supercedes all other commitments: commitment to your principles, commitment to your art, commitment to the law. Ironically, the way that Butch restores his pride is by making a commitment to another person outside of material gain. He goes back into Maynard’s pawn shop and rescues Marcellus from sexual assault. You can see pride “fucking with” Butch when he hesitates on the way out of the shop. And then, he decides to listen to his pride and go back inside to rescue another human being.

The blithe dismissal of any ethical commitment is one of the most dangerous parts of an economy that simultaneously prizes “flexibility” and the internalization of one’s job, any job. And let’s not forget that real risk taking is always founded on a modicum of security. People who are materially insecure are far more likely to insulate themselves from risk.

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