Haha, I warned about this ‘I don’t trust your sources and their endorsers’ against mine type…
Anogoya Dagaate

Um — I don’t “teach capitalism.” I present students with a variety of primary sources from those who supported and critiqued the development of Western commercial society. These are mostly 18th-19th c. voices. I’m not giving them Rand or Lukacs. I’m trying to present them with a full picture of culture and ideology as it developed.

Personally, I think that there could be plenty of viable alternatives. One of the strangest thing about the tech-world and its obsession with innovation is that almost no one can — or wants to — think about viable innovation outside of a single economic arrangement. Of course, this is another goal of neoliberalism: to shut down the imagination so that nothing else seems possible.

Here’s a quote from somebody else that I teach: “In every voice: in every ban, / The mind-forg’d manacles I hear.”

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