C’mon now, you can do better than this.
Memphis Blues

You know what, I don’t have a full economic system planned and ready to be implemented. And I don’t think it’s necessary for people to have 100% perfect alternative before they can criticize the present order of things. But at least I am trying to envision better ways for people to live. Many of the people on this site think of themselves as tech visionaries and makers, but refuse to think beyond a single type of socioeconomic relations,

Also, I can imagine the same charge being levied at the physiocrats, New Whigs, and early Scottish political economists in the mid-18th century: “Come on, James Steuart. In your pamphleteering you repeatedly criticize mercantalism in practice. Therefore, name a country where an open, free-trading commercial society works, so that we can learn from it.”

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