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If coronavirus doesn’t kill me, my wife probably will.

I’m only half-joking when I say that. I am not easy to live with, but equally, I don’t find it particularly easy to live with other people. I love my (heavily pregnant) wife and three-year-old son to pieces, but I haven’t exactly been relishing the prospect of living in lockdown with them for a prolonged period.

Does that make me a bad person? …

The coronavirus pandemic means millions of office workers around the world may be forced to work from home — many for the first time. If working from home is something new, you may have concerns about how you’re going to cope. Will your creativity go out the window? Will productivity and collaboration suffer? Will you forget how to express empathy? Kevin Roose’s recent NYT article, Sorry, but Working From Home Is Overrated, may have filled you with dread, but I want to present an alternative view as someone who’s flourished as a remote worker for the past two years.



When I started working full time in crypto I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It felt like I was part of the ultimate disruption of the financial world. Long Bitcoin! Short the bankers! Buy the t-shirt!

But after being in the space for a couple of years, I just wanted to get out (and get out I did).

The crypto sector is a mess and in need of a reality check. What gives me the right to call out an entire space? Not much, truth be told. I worked for a crypto company, Liquid, and formed my own…


Marketing guy who’s been around.

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