Why Do Teenagers Drink Alcohol

Adolescence is a very difficult age because children experience significant physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes. It is the period when they want to manifest their personality. Sometimes they don’t choose the best ways to do so and using alcohol is one of them. In order to prevent alcohol use among teenagers it is important to understand what makes them drink.


The teenage period of time is when the brain keeps developing. This is why scientists believe that teenagers are more likely than adults to seek new experiences. They always want to try something new, that gives them an adrenaline high. Therefore, they try alcohol.

In addition, teenagers often act impulsively, and can’t recognize that their actions, including drinking, may have serious consequences. That is also due to their developmental changes.


Drinking alcohol or not depends on how teenagers view alcohol and its effects. Studies have shown that children start having a view about alcohol even before they go to elementary school. Before age 9, children generally think alcohol is a bad thing that has negative consequences. But by about age 13, their expectations become more positive.

Expectations influence the teens drinking behavior as well. It makes them decide whether to drink and how much. An adolescent who expects drinking to be a pleasurable experience is more likely to drink than one who does not have positive expectations.

Personality characteristics of teenagers who drink alcohol

An important factor in starting to drink is the personality features. Usually, a greater predisposition to drinking is appropriate to teens that:

  • tend to have conduct problems and are disruptive, hyperactive, and aggressive;
  • are antisocial;
  • are depressed, withdrawn or anxious;

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