Slide Update

In this slide, I added a second picture that included a bike to better communicate the problem I am trying to solve. I also kept and cropped the original picture I had in the slide because my team said they thought it was relatable. My team also mentioned that the header font should be larger, so I tweaked the slide to reflect that feedback as well. The last things I changed were the wordings I had under each header. I made them more concise so it fit on the slide better and didn’t seem so wordy.

In this slide, I re-did the sketch based on some detail flaws my team pointed out. I added a clasp, changed the location of the combination lock, and added some thickness to some shapes that I had missed the first time I sketched this. The other change I made to this slide was switching the placement of my advantages. Instead of having them in a bullet pointed list, I put them in bubbles that followed the color scheme of the presentation and had them point specifically to what on the bike seat gave the product that specific advantage. This left plenty of room to change the font size of the solution, and center it. I gave the product a name that described how it worked so it seems more finished.





Thurs 11/29: Update Slides

Fri 11/30: Create storyboard

Sat 12/1: Film pitch

Mon 12/3: Edit video. Write blog post.