Robert McIntyre
Feb 27 · 2 min read

Welcome to The Challenge Female Competitors Survey! Listed below are sixty of the best female competitors in Challenge history. A few things to keep in mind as you go through the survey:

  • Only female competitors who appeared on a season between Inferno II and Final Reckoning will appear on the survey.
  • Rankings should be based on if you were picking women to fill a team for a season of the show. As a result, entertainment value and individual political ability should be factored out.
  • Each competitor should be evaluated at its peak season. The overall body of work of a competitor should only factor in as to how they would perform in that peak season.
  • If you are unopinionated on a competitor, feel free to leave it blank and just move on. Unanswered ratings won’t count towards the overall score for that competitor.
  • As a general rule, a 10 would imply one of the best 2–3 competitors of all time; a 9 would be top 3–6, an 8 would be top 6–10; a 7 would be top 10–15; etc.
  • The results will be averaged and released once the poll has reached a significant number of responses.

Robert McIntyre

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Self described Fantasy Football and The Challenge Expert, mostly incompetent at everything else.

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