How To Get People To Like You In 5 Seconds or Less
James Altucher

Hello James. (Wow posh name.)

Awesome. Really, I mean it. I definitely haven’t talked to as many strangers as you have, but I connected with a lot of what you said. About breaking down the walls in your own head, and to stop judging people. And smile, listen. And interrupt & be human.

On my own, I think conversation is a two way street. If I share myself, you’ll trust me and might return the favor. But sometimes I wonder if I come across as too loud, overbearing. How do you strike a balance? And I do want to listen to people, but sometimes they seem to be closed up.

So I launch forth to kind of talk, and warm up the ground for them…. Does that make sense?

How do I know how much both should converse? What are the ‘specific’ questions you should ask? (And how do I rid myself of the feeling that I’m advising & blabbing too somebody, who might be internally shaking their head at me.)

I hope you find the time to respond.

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