Interview to an Atheist

Jeese Peterson interviews Jaclyn Glee who is a well- known youtuber that defines herself as an atheist. The validity of the interview is very poor and the reason is that it is very easy to notice that his beliefs don’t let him make genuine questions that would let his audience understand why a person chooses not to believe in God which was the main objective of his interview. I think that it is important to empathize with the person being interviewed and try to make them feel confortable so they can open up and in that way get the best posible information. In this case, he failed at getting his guest’s trust by constantly making questions trying to get her say something she doesn’t want to say and continuously trying to find something in her personal life that would make her look bad. So, the quality of this interview was not good because it was not conducted naturally and it was not about listening what she had to say.

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