Italian Dishes You Should Try At Least Once in a Lifetime!

Let this list of gob-smacking, delectable Italian dishes delight your heart! Make sure you try these dishes at least once.

There’s just one word that perfectly captures Italian food, and that’s ‘Yum!’ Italian recipes have been passed down for centuries and the meals have delightful flavor. Perhaps that’s why more and more Italian Restaurants in Singapore are becoming widely popular among people of all age groups.

Delicious Italian Dishes:

Check out this list of awesome Italian dishes that you must try for breakfasts, brunches or dinners at these Italian Restaurants.

Pizza Margherita

There’s a possibility that you have already eaten this. But well yeah, we have to include this in the list! Traditional Italian Pizza is a must try and it’s so delicious that you will be eating it over and over again. Perfect for brunches in Singapore, Traditional Italian Pizza or known as Pizza Margherita is designed to have a thin crust or baked pita taste with special sauces, mozzarella cheese and basil. The exquisite pizza may seem simple but it is lip-smacking good!

Pasta Carbonara

You may have eaten spaghetti several times, but Pizza Carbonara is a rich, Italian dish that you have to try! Pasta Carbonara is creamy pasta with bacon, egg, Romano and white wine all tossed together with spaghetti noodles.


Only the best restaurants in Singapore serve Risotto. And there’s a reason behind it. Risotto is a difficult dish to master. But the ones who can make it so deliciously good that you wouldn’t forget. Italian Risotto, especially Venetian specialties are made using seafood and mushroom. But seasonal variations include various herbs and other veggies as well.


The flour dumpling is strictly Italian and created in various flavors or styles. If you are a vegetarian, try Pomodoro style of Gnocchi, which is prepared with sauce and cheese. Otherwise, there is a variety of fine meats and delectable variants to choose from.


Ricotta and Spinach combined together is the perfect recipe for a Ravioli. A kind of pasta, Ravioli is well known for its flaky, beautiful pastry and its unique taste. Plus, it’s really filling, with two to three raviolis enough for a single person meal.


If these thin slices of meat don’t woo you, then probably nothing else will! Tossed in with pasta or wrapped around cheese or melon, the Prosciutto is a popular Italian delight, made from pork, it is the thin slices of meat that’s uniquely crispy, juicy and succulent.


With its origination in Italy, Lasagna is perhaps the oldest pasta in the world. Layers of thin sheets of pasta, with layers of sauce make this perfect for a delightful brunch on the Sunday. The sauce is usually made with Ragu, Parmigiano-Reggiano or Béchamel, with cheese like ricotta and mozzarella. Of course, then there are several meats that’s used in it, including ground beef, pork or chicken, with vegetables. Typically flavored with wine, Lasagna is well known for its complex flavors.

So, which one of these dishes are you going to try?