Reflection Joe Simmons, SJ

On Tuesday April 25, Joe Simmons spoke at the Central Standard Craft Distillery about what being a Jesuit means to him. He spoke of the 5 things a Jesuit education taught him. Among the reasons were intellectual curiosity, Spiritual depth, forgiveness, commitment to justice, and care of the whole person. Joe asked the audience to converse about how they saw these themes in their Jesuit experiences. My group found that in out experiences, there has always been an emphasis on social justice. We decided that this theme can be attributed to the Jesuits’ commitment to justice and care for the whole person.

In all of Joe’s works, he hopes to inspire the younger generation to take charge, claim, and be proud of their faith. As he continues his education and his journey to becoming ordained, Joe also writes for the Jesuit Post. While looking at the website, I realized that Joe’s articles follows many of the lessons we talked about in class. The titles of the articles especially stood out to me because they do a good job of enticing the reader to click each story. Some titles include, “Four Reasons NOT to Read This Article” and “John Jesus Muhammed Eric Clapton”.

Overall, Joe Simmons really left the audience with hope and excitement for what he had in store for the next chapter of his life.