Kansas City Eats!

Kansas City

Let’s start by saying…this is a. real city. Equipped with all things city:

#1) Traffic; the type where your exit can be less that a half mile in front of you but at 5:00 PM you’ll wait no less than a half hour to reach it, the type of traffic where no one uses their signal…and even grandmothers cut in front of you with no regard for insurance rates.

#2)Major league ball teams: Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals. These fans are religious! I don’t care where you’re coming from or where you’re going you WILL see the colors Royal Blue and Chiefs Red.

#3) Restaurants: This is what i really enjoyed! (Pretty girls gotta eat!) I searched for a restaurant that would take the cake..boy did i find it!

ISLAMORADA (PURPLE ISLAND)A great dining experience it was, from the staff to the service and the food. The manager Jason gave us some background on this little known chain. Its humble. beginnings were in the Florida Keys. There they started only selling 1 item on their menu: A fried Mahi — Mahi sandwich. You can only imagine how great this sandwich is for it to have expanded to several different locations in the US.

The Fireplace

One of the most appealing features. to the restaurant is the location. This particular location is inside the Bass Pro Shop in Independence KS. From the moment you walk inside until you leave out, even while your dining, the motif commands your attention. This restaurant is adorned with constant reminders of natures beauty,. a 10,000 + gallon fish tank sits behind the bar and has a 360° view of the fish that live inside. A true sight to see indeed. Upon every wall and even hanging from the ceiling: Real boats, fish, real pictures of families and hunters enjoying nature. Reminiscent of personified lighthouses for sailors the lamps even have character. An 18 foot fireplace helped to cozy the corner that we dined in. It was literally impossible to take a picture of every beautiful thing I saw. Had I attempted this, it would have taken all night. As will talking about the motif.

The View Outside the Patio Dining Area Lakeside

Ok so realize I’m not a photo journalist! But the idea is to give you an idea…the big picture??? You’ve gotta get there!!!

So let’s move on to the staff: I waited tables for years. This, despite popular belief, is not a job everyone can do well at. Product knowledge, personality and professionalism is key…you do all this while still being a people person. The entire staff. from the manager Jason (who was approachable and professional) to our humble Chefs Ryan & Dylan, and to our server Chrissy (who took great care of us) had every component to make a great dining experience. Even when our order came back wrong; (Jason don’t kill me!) the entire team did not hesitate to make it right in a timely and streamlined manner. (Breathe Jason) Truthfully, it was handled so quickly and professionally it took nothing away from the meal, but it added to the experience. We got to see how they work under pressure. They broke not one stride! I’ve seen teams fall apart at the minor hiccups. Not this staff! KUDOS to you guys!

Store Manager Jason
Chrissy Our Server
Chefs! Dylan & Ryan

The Food

Bread and Calamari

The best for last. This is what it’s all about what the palate says to the brain right? I believe my palates exact words were “Yummy Hmm”. To wet the whistle every meal begins with a loaf of bread. .slice of heaven excuse the pun. Seriously good! Think of a soft roll, now combine that with a little sugar on top. ..served with real whipped butter, all i can say is “Oh my!” For an appetizer I ordered the popular Calamari. Seasoned and fried to perfection this appetizer didn’t disappoint. Some calamari can leave you desiring more crunch, more flavor, less chew.. these hit the mark. For the main course we had the Grilled Mahi-Mahi (that’s served on a bed of seasoned rice served with steamed to order broccoli) & the Cajun Shrimp Pasta(this is Grilled Shrimp over Linguine and Cajun Alfredo. with diced tomatoes and green onions). To be honest I still cannot decide whether I loved the Mahi which was over this amazing glaze, or the Shrimp Pasta whose sauce was one of the best I’ve had. I washed. all this down with a tasty Sangria Red wine: full, sweet and served with pineapple, and orange. My mouth is watering now just recounting my meal. Here’s what a great meal looks like:

Cajun Shrimp Pasta
Grilled Mahi-Mahi

Mouth watering yet????

All-in-all it was a great experience that ignited my sensory system to the max. The location and motif, the fireplace, the lake side patio, the 10,000+ tank, for the eyes. For my sense of smell and taste the delicious dinner: Calamari, Grilled Mahi-Mahi, Cajun Shrimp Pasta. My first time dining at the hidden gem: IslaMorada; a seafood restaurant in the most unexpected place: The Midwest. This was an experience never to be forgotten. So go ahead Kansas City fans wear your Blue and Red… I’ll be wearing Purple for a while! Go ISLAMORADA! No, if you happen to find yourself in the Independence area of Kansas City or near any of the other locations… seriously people GO!


Originally published at vanniquesview.blogspot.com on August 17, 2015.

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