VaporFi x Hatchy Pocket

2 min readMar 30, 2023

We’re excited to announce another partnership with the team at Hatchy Pocket!

Hatchy Pocket is a digital collectible comprised of 147 unique, meticulously designed, highly detailed and awesomely animated elemental monsters. Hatchy is also a decentralized media IP owned and grown by the community through different projects including games, merchandise, and comics!

Hatchy’s first two games — “Hatchy Survivors!” and “Summoners Battlegrounds” — are fast paced casual games that get you started having fun with the Hatchy monsters and IP right off the bat. Both are in alpha testing and nearing release. In Hatchy Survivors! you must defeat waves of monsters while powering up your Hatchy to survive as long as possible. How long can you survive? In Battlegrounds, you can challenge your friend(s) to a wizard battle and hurl fireballs at each other. If you enjoy play testing games, head over the Hatchy discord to download a demo and battle some monsters.

Be on the lookout for future game titles from Hatchy including HatchyPocket x Ruins of Majika, HatchyGO, and Hatchy World MMO! In addition, Hatchy is preparing a new pfp release — Hatchy Summoners, which will be a dynamic pfp that you can upgrade through gameplay or lootboxes. This will be the keystone NFT that connects your Hatchy account across the different game experiences.


The Hatchy Pocket token ($HATCHY) is currently available through its own separate contract and is issuing tokens that can be used as the voting communication tool and to express ownership of the Hatchy DAO. Tokens are rewarded to Hatchy Gen1 and Gen 2 NFT stakers, and massive staking bonus rewards go to those who achieve complete elemental or full collections or hold rare shinies. Currently both Gen1 and Gen2 monsters are available to mint!

Mint Hatchies here:

Benefits for VaporFi

The Hatchy team is providing some awesome perks for our Stratosphere holders and partnering with us for further expansion into the VaporFi ecosystem! Hatchy will be listing VaporDEX as its official DEX and will mint future Hatchy Pocket projects on the Unchained NFT Marketplace!

*Also, a special giveaway will be activated today, just for Stratosphere holders! For more details, tune into today’s AMA scheduled for 3:00 PM PST/6:00 PM EST!**

To learn more about Hatchy, join the discord to meet the community, trade up to a collection, find tutorials on the website, alpha test games, and learn about the different ecosystem projects!




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