VaporFi x Mechavax

3 min readFeb 9, 2023

We’re excited to announce another partnership with the team at Mechavax! This is our first gaming partnership with special perks for Stratosphere holders!

Mechavax is a Collective Storytelling NFT that has an intricate GameFi system with TCG (Trading Card Game) esque mechanics. Each Mech NFT passively generates Shirak (SHK) which can be used to mint more Mechs or Armaments. Armaments are the core of the PvP gameplay loop. They are an NFT that can be used to create something called DMG Modifications which give the equipped NFT stats used in PvP combat. Holders can band together and join guilds or try to be victorious on their own!

Learn more here:

Players who want to participate should follow this sequence:

  1. Mint Mechs
  2. Generate SHK
  3. Assemble Armaments
  4. Manufacture DMGs
  5. Dominate combat

Benefits for VaporFi

The Mechavax team is providing some awesome perks for our Stratosphere holders and partnering with us for further expansion into the VaporFi ecosystem!

  • 10% discount for minting Mechs (NFTs)
  • Future airdrop of SHK token to Strat/Mech holders
  • SHK token will eventually be added to VaporDEX
  • Mech NFTs will be listed on the Unchained Marketplace and can be purchased using SHK

Note: There are only 200 Mechs available at the discounted rate so minting will be on a first come, first serve basis only available for Stratosphere members!

Instructions for Minting

Step 1: Go to and click on “1. Get Ticket”

Step 2: Press “connect” in top right corner

Step 3: Select amount to mint with buttons or enter your own

Step 4: Press the toggle marked “Stratified” (stratosphere holder) below the mint button

Step 5: Press mint and sign transaction in Metamask

Step 6: Wait for transaction to complete, you will see “Owned: 0” change to the amount you minted

Step 7: Click on yellow “2. CLAIM” button in the top menu

Step 8: Select amount of tickets to claim, max is 3 per transaction

Step 9: Press APRV and sign transaction in Metamask to approve contracts access to your tickets

Step 10: Wait for transaction to complete, button will change to MINT

Step 11: Press Mint and sign transaction in Metamask to burn tickets and receive Mechs




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