Outside The Wheelhouse

I do not like citrus flavored eliquid. I’ve tried several over the years and found that I just don’t care for them much. Well, I’ve changed my mind.

I stopped into my local vape shop today because it’s a really cool shop with a large selection of mods, atomizers, tanks, and especially eliquid. I got hooked, or rather “addicted”, to Cloud Addiction eliquids last month when I purchased a bottle of Southern Pride. Southern Pride is a banana pudding flavor and it tastes as if my grandmother has come back to life and made me a bowl of her homemade banana pudding. It’s phenomenal and the best banana pudding eliquid that I’ve tried so far.

One of my selections today was a bottle of their new release called, “Dream Land”. It’s an orange creamsicle flavor. This is completely outside my wheelhouse. I did not want to try it, but Mr. 205 Vape said that he normally didn’t care for orange flavored anything and he couldn’t stop vaping it. So, I tried it and ended up buying a 30ml bottle of it and now having a hard time putting it down.

On the inhale, I taste a mild orange creamsicle. It’s not overpowering. Very mellow and smooth. On the exhale, I get a nice creamy sherbet that is refreshing. The sweetness is nice and balanced. It’s not overly sweet. The taste will take you away to a hot summer afternoon with a breeze.

205 Vape is located in Hueytown, Alabama. They can be found on Facebook here. Cloud Addiction Premium Eliquid can be found on Facebook by clicking here. Cloud Addiction Premium Eliquid is available in several different flavors. I’ve yet to try one of their eliquids that I didn’t like. I believe the eliquid is 80VG/20PG, but it’s not listed on the bottle so I’m just guessing.

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