The Subtweet: New FB Creative Hub Features

In a blog post early this week, Facebook broke news that new capabilities were coming to its Creative Hub tool. Each of these features are being introduced in the interest of helping advertisers reach users on mobile more effectively.

The first of these updates allows advertisers to test creative before taking it live in an ad. For example, when testing video creative, advertisers will be able to collect real metrics that they can then use to optimize their creative.

Facebook is also now allowing creative teams and advertisers to mock up their ads in Creative Hub and export them directly to the Facebook ad account of their choice.

Why It Matters:
Gaining insights on creative performance before it’s even live sounds like a fantasy. Facebook is doing its best to make this a reality. If this feature proves effective, it will help to increase ROI for advertisers and could result in higher mobile ad spend. Approach with caution: details on this feature are limited.

Being able to export ads from Creative Hub directly to a Facebook ad account is really a no-brainer. As long as the parties involved have ad account access and communicate effectively, this update will increase creative and advertising teams’ productivity. It will also make the ad creation process more seamless for those who utilize Creative Hub.

Testing creative prior to ad launch is still in testing phase. The ability to build and export ads from Creative Hub is live.

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