Depending on the use of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin can act as a currency, a security or as a commodity. Read this article to know why.

Although ups and downs have been a common part of the Bitcoin journey, the world’s best cryptocurrency has the potential to become a valued mainstream currency in the foreseeable future. While some analysts point to the fact that Bitcoin must become worth a million dollar to be an accepted currency at par with the fiat currencies, we check out the probabilities whether a million dollar mark is possible for the digital currency of the future; and as far as real rationality is concerned, the mark is quite attainable for Bitcoin, thanks to the growth in demand by institutional investors. …

As everyone in our writing team is having a crush on the same guy, we thought let’s exploit the Casanova for some real bad bucks out of his pocket. To our amazement, this guy was smarter than us, and as we started to unearth his personality traits one by one, the guy started showing his extraordinary skills and personality traits gradually. Starting from a savior of inflationary economies, to compete with the Gold in its own race, to reinventing what apolitical money means, and to show some traits of a disciplined accountant, this hidden jewel with faceless billions in its…

This article is about the ‘Busy Money’ or the fiat currencies and the ‘Easy Money’ or the cryptocurrencies. While the banks are responsible for making money too busy for general people to get a grip on it, the easy to handle and manage ‘Easy Money’ or the cryptocurrencies are therefore stealing the importance from the fiat-money managers. The most natural outcomes are some claims that want to blur the importance of cryptocurrencies which is in no way a practical approach for the bankers to resort to. To know why is why you need to read it.

This article is about the anti-Bitcoin lobby that has been unsuccessfully intending to stop the cryptocurrency from spreading its wings in some of the major economies of the world. While trying to explain why this happens, we have created a nice plot for you to see which major countries have failed in clipping Bitcoin’s wings and the data that shows how badly they failed. The big fish to catch in this pond is, however, the four major reasons why the countries’ governments failed badly in manipulating Bitcoin to go through an undeserving path. May the best philosophy win!

This article studies the case where Wall Street’s noted bank, Goldman Sachs decided to open a Bitcoin-trading platform after being inundated by requests to do so from its clients. After a brief discussion about how Goldman will do so, we talk about the future effects of Goldman’s decision. The most important point to note here is that Goldman’s decision could pave a new path for the entire crypto industry, and it is easy to imagine a cryptocurrency-accepted future which is by no way a distant dream at all.

Assets under management have been estimated to exceed the $1 trillion mark.

J. P. Morgan, one of the largest asset and wealth managers in the world, manages just under $1.7 trillion in assets (as of December 31, 2017).

At the end of 2017, the total market the capitalization of the global cryptocurrency market was worth of $600 billion, and is currently worth approximately $245 billion; the total amount of assets held in cryptocurrency trust funds is estimated to be $2.3 billion.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are entering further and further into the mainstream financial world, there are still a…

Alina Vardanian


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