Unhealthy obsession with knowledge

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” - Benjamin Franklin

As you might recall from the streets: a Benjamin

There are two things I cannot stop spending my money on: books and MOOCs*. The high quality, open-ended knowledge base available on the internet can be overwhelming at times. One has to be to be in awe of the endless channels of learning available.

If there is anything you want to learn, and I mean ANYTHING, you can find it for free - or for a respectable price - without ever leaving your habitat. A few weeks ago I was able to develop my first (very primitive) Android application after watching a YouTube series by ProgrammingKnowledge.

Although the 4-year, outdated university system has not yet collapsed, it is essential to take advantage of these resources to better ourselves in our ventures or careers. The best part: you can learn what you want at the pace that you wish!

Udemy, a leader in open online courses, has a mind-blowing sale until January 16th! These are the classes I have purchased thus far:

User Experience Design Fundamentals: A course taught by Joe Natoli, a leading veteran in the UX field.

Complete Python Bootcamp: An extensive course on the Python programming language taught by a leading data scientist.

Social Media Marketing 2016: Online marketing course taught by a best-selling instructor in the social media world.

The Complete Android Developer Course: One of the most popular classes on Udemy taught by a teacher and professional web developer.

*Massive Open Online Courses

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