Mining Fleet Management

Fleet Management System (FMS) is a suite of specialized software running on a rugged hardware. The system uses GPS & a wireless radio network to track & monitor production, maintenance & safety of your mine. It works through a series of steps. The dispatch control centre monitors the operating equipments (fleet), which is connected to a wireless & GPS satellite network. This wireless network sends signal to your equipment which is connected with onboard computers. The equipment in response sends back data including location, payload, ore quality & other technical parameters. Gaining insights from operational & maintenance data of your mine, it boosts the production, decrease operational costs & extends equipment life.

It enhances mine payloads & productivity. Through the mining fleet management distribution algorithm, the data revolves around shovel locations, equipment speeds, loading times. These helps in selecting the ideal location for both trucks & shovels. The system fleet control applications empowers the sites’ ability to load units within the target payload range, optimizing payload compliance. The suite maintenance system analyzes the precise condition of the equipment components as they operate. By detecting any changes in performance, the maintenance staff makes adjustments to keep productivity high. Your equipment failure is pre-detected & productivity is increased.

Taking data from the onboard systems, equipment health is maintained through real time monitoring such as engine failure, tire overheating, fuel requirements, truck overheating & other critical repairs.