Dr. Simon Ourian: A quantifiable artist

People have natural instinct to look more natural, but unfortunately they go for artificial treatment to look so!!!! A big joke!!!! Is it so!!! God created us; we cannot change our feature, but we can do fine tuning which steered us to look more beautiful in results. A creative mind is needed to make others metaphoric!!! Such a challenging works…because everyone loves to get praise from others…wow!! So gorgeous and stunning…people get overwhelmed…but the person behind this scene knows how difficult the task is!!! A very few out of so many has come up successful with this challenge…but none other than Dr.Simon Ourian undoubtedly the most premiere and prolific of the lot set a standard for everybody. Yes, we shall disclose some of his behind the scene works today…

Dr. Simon Ourian, M.D. is a cosmetic dermatologist by profession and a sculptor by innovation; but in Ourian’s mind, they are inseparable, as he stated, this is alearning of human anatomy and the typical art of sculpting that has been the supreme concern what helped him achieve natural, realistic outcomes for his patients over the years.

Dr. Simon Ourian,a student of Molecular Biology, obtained his Medical degree from Wayne State University, Michigan, USA in 1994 had an insight intention to establish a cosmetic surgery center rather an art studio in his word, figured out the dream, “Epione Beverly Hills” was founded in 1998 at California. Here he offers the latest therapies like Botox; Restylane; Radiesse injections; stretch mark removal; vein treatment; laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels for his clients.

The distinguished implication of this center is, “Epione Beverly Hills extends complete comfort, convenience and privacy towards its clients which enhance their further satisfaction and gratification, and as such its popularity around the world is increasing day by day. Dr. Simon Ourian extends full support towards train up his staff to work as a team with his cherished clients to reinstate or craft their desired appearance. The master piece illustrates that his sculpting and cosmetic work are much related. It is like an artiste’s portrait, where many small changes converge into an integrated whole. A true but firm affirmation by the magician himself.

Once Epione Beverly Hills was considered the solitary center in California, fervent to the practice of aesthetic laser procedures and non-invasive procedures.Dr. Simon Ourian is considered a leading authority in the utilization of lasers for noninvasive aesthetic treatments and notably developed the Coo laser™ and Cool beam™ procedures.

Dr.Simon Ourian has been introduced as a leading authority in various national and international periodicals such as “Cosmopolitan”;“Harper’s Bazaar”;” Marie Claire”;” Redbook” and “USA Today”; as well as on television segments for Extra; NBC News; Discovery and Fox News.

Dr. Simon Ourian lives in California and he is affiliated with Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. He speaks English basically and but can communicate in Spanish as well. He has got over twenty years of practical experience in Dermatology under his belt.

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