Reason One: Cone of Experience

The only technology available nowadays, which is capable of covering most of the learning cone parts, is VR! You can have short manuals, pics, built-in 360 videos, and audio support, and you can see the demonstrations, and learn by example, then do it yourself. Everything is existing in one utterly immersive environment, where you are not disturbed by mobile phones, colleagues, or just awesome thoughts about your next vacations. So, you can remember 90% of the information, which can save a life, make you more efficient, boost your creativity and inspire others.

Reason Two: We Have to Welcome Generation Z

Turn your head, you probably see one of…

Tipatat Chennavasin is a VR investor and developer. He is also a general partner and a co-founder of the Venture Reality Fund. We were lucky to interview Tipatat at the AVRA conference, where he gave a talk about virtual reality, checked out Varwin platform, and shared with us his personal experience with VR.

What was your first encounter with VR like?

When I was little, I got to try the Aladdin ride at the Disney World and the VR arcade experiences in the 90s. Yeah, they were pretty terrible. They were cool at the time but they were just impractical…

Fred Volhuer is a digital entrepreneur. He is a CEO and co-founder of Atlas V, an immersive entertainment outlet. We were lucky to interview Fred during the AVRA Days conference. He shared with us his first experience with VR and his thought on the future of the VR industry.

What was your first encounter with VR like?

I was hired as executive producer of a project that was one of the first documentaries ever done in virtual reality. That’s when I encountered VR. I was impressed, but I was more intrigued by the potential of it.

Will VR/AR eventually replace 2D screens?

I don’t believe in replacement. Books still exist, radio exists, television exists…

VR technology has passed its hype, and now its time to assess and pick the best applications. Retail stated to migrate in online space for quite a long time ago, but still, people love to visit trading centers as a part of family time, searching for emotions, or just spending their free time.

The era of the large trading centers is there, and while we prefer to think about such places as a nice place to be, the issue of safety is underestimated. The more people are concentrated in one spot, the higher the risks of accidents you get. …

Jay Latta is an Emerging Technology Strategist with over 30 years of experience focused on industrial and enterprise IT.

Jay answered a few of our questions and shared his expertise in VR. In this interview, you will learn about his first experience in VR as well as his thoughts about the future of VR industry.

What was your first encounter with VR like?

Gosh, it must have been beginning of 1990 at the university in Marburg. One of the professors that returned from US had a very low tech VR device where we tried some vector simulations. …

Despite the increasing buzz about the effectiveness of VR, many companies still hesitate to embrace this innovation. According to a survey by Accenture’s Technology Vision, more than 80 percent of executives are interested in VR technology, though only the boldest ones have integrated it into their companies already. VR is an investment, and with any investment it pays to look before you leap.

Luckily, there are many ways to explore VR and its efficiency for your business before jumping right into costly training. …

Sean Rodrigo is a virtual reality artist at Continuum Studios in London, UK. We were lucky to interview Sean during the AVRA Days conference, where he gave a talk on digital art VR, checked out the Varwin platform, and shared with us his expertise in virtual reality.

What was your first encounter with VR like?

The first time I did VR was at an arcade, and I think it was Tilt Brush. Actually, no, it was Blue Whale, which I thought was amazing, but Tilt Brush was the one that really made me think, “well, okay, this is something with a lot of potential.”

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Virtual reality opens many new opportunities for businesses, but many companies are missing out because they don’t understand VR’s true potential. While some companies are pushing the envelope with VR implementation in their daily processes and gaining a competitive advantage, others are not even aware of what VR can do. This article will highlight five ways that VR projects can help your business.

1. VR Helps Create Immersive Client Experiences

In the long run, every company wants to impress its clients and make them fall in love with their brand on top of just buying their products. In this scenario, clients return to you again and again…

Much has been said about the effectiveness of VR vs. traditional training. VR is cost-effective due to scalability, inexpensive equipment to simulate location, objects and even trainers. It’s simply more effective due to its interactivity and complete immersion.

According to STRIVR, enterprise students who use VR remember 75% of what they are taught while traditional methods assist with retaining just 10% of the information.

Still, there are lots of ways to screw up your fancy innovative VR training. Luckily, there are lessons that we have learnt over the years from traditional education that can be applied in VR.

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Previously we shared how top VR studios save up to 800 hours a year using the Varwin VR platform. Most of this time is saved thanks to the opportunity to delegate edits and tasks to the client that can be easily completed without coding skills.

These time-saving features exist thanks to the legendary Blockly technology that is used in Varwin, which allows users to create codes by stacking blocks together. These blocks are used to create “chunks of code” that can later be translated into professional textual code. …


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