I’m currently sitting on a couch without anything to write. Blank. I had originally thought of writing on the machine called ‘Hollywood’ but discarded it after finding little information. I was trying to find information on why do people leave everything behind to ‘succeed’ (I put succeed in quotation marks because only a few individuals can say “I made it”) in a business without any assurance of success. After all, ninety percent of startups fail. Why would you take such a big change? Why change everything for such little chance of making it?
Looking back I have had a few of these experiences, times where I could’ve changed as a person. There was a time when fetus sixth grade Vasco decided to take his chance and maybe, just perhaps, try being in a school show. Theater had always interested me; I remember when I was young and made my little sister dress up as the Red Power Ranger and create a little play with me. But up until sixth grade I had never actually tried it out, I was always too afraid of what other would think. Even on the day of the audition, I stood outside the massive Performing Arts Center and asked myself, are you going to do this? What are your friends going to think about you? Won’t you called a girl for acting? All of those thoughts started bubbling up, and I decided not to take my chance and never entered that building. I regretted that decision for the rest of the sixth grade. I came to this conclusion after I sat down on the theater’s seat and saw the show. I had missed out an experience that I believed would one hundred percent help me become a better person. Later that day, when I laid down on my warm bed on a cold winter night, I asked myself a question, “Why won’t I be one of those people who take their chances and move to Hollywood,” and now I wonder why I didn’t take the risk. After that experience, I promised myself that no matter what others would think about me, I would do what I love doing and always take me chances. Who knows, maybe going to that audition would’ve made me a better person.
Chickening out on that experience has seriously been one of the worst decisions of my life, but thanks to that I have learned that you always have to follow your heart and always to take those chances, no matter how stupid you will look like after doing them. The following year I started getting much more involved in theater, and I thank that fetus for giving me that experience. If it weren’t for that boy who chickened out, I would have become the person I am today. I wouldn’t have learned to take my chances, and right now I thank him so much.