This past weekend I had the pleasure of assisting SAAC Fine Arts, a conference were about 120 students meet up to bond and experiment with the one thing that bonds them all, the arts. Every year six South American schools get together to celebrate the arts, one school from every major country (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay). The objective of this weekend is to get together different students and unite them with one common passion, weather it is theater, visual arts, or music, every student bonds with a group of people and make long lasting friendships. This being my second SAAC I already knew how the goodbye’s went, and to me, last year, all of them where “Bye see you next year”, but this year changed. Last year I befriended a lot of now Seniors, meaning that they’re graduating this year, and that goodbye wasn’t really a “see you next year”, it was more of a “see you when life puts us together again”, and that’s something that makes you wonder if you’ll ever see them again.

Meet Amara. She is currently a Senior in Nido (Chile) and this year we came to the realization that we weren’t going to see each other again for a long time, maybe even forever. And you may be wondering, “why would you care? You met her for like six days”, but during these six days we got to bond by a passion, something that you don’t share with everyone and are not able to do everywhere. And the worst part is that she isn’t the only one I befriended. This year I got to meet so many more people than the past year, meaning that I’ll have to say more goodbyes when the time comes. And even though I know that I’ll have to forget about them I still manage to do befriend people. The positive side is that you get to experience something new, a new culture, but the negative being having to live millions of kilometers away.

Goodbyes are, in my opinion, some of the worst actions to do, maybe not at the moment but in the aftermath. You loose people that you’ve shared a lot of moments with and get separated by only one thing, distance. This past SAAC has taught me one thing, value the people you got because you never know when you’ll see them again.