What did I do on my summer vacation? Well this is the answer.

I have always felt like a person that can be mature when needed, and I repeat “when needed”. I believe this is because I have a ‘playful’ attitude, something that makes some people not take me seriously. And not having people taking me seriously is something that I truly hate, I know my limits and I’m sure that if I get assigned something I will do my best at it, but not everyone knows it. Therefore, for my summer vacation I made the decision to travel with two friends to a school in England.

This trip was going to be unlike any other trip I’ve had, the plan was to be as organized and always have a good attitude for learning, just two things that I’m not particularly good at, and It’s not that I don’t have a good attitude towards then, it’s that there are times where I don’t try hard enough. Now, this trip would also serve a second purpose, maturity, and this connects to the opening line. I always feel that people think I’m not mature enough to handle something that I’m 100% sure I can handle. And as far as I know I completed my goal; I worked as hard as I could, got a C1 as my final grade (the second to highest grade you can get), I even got awards for my commitment to class and my organizational skills, something that would probably never happen in the past. So now you may be asking: “Now what? You’ve proven yourself that you can be what you want to be, now how will you apply this to your learning?”.

Well, I feel that ever since I got back and transitioned from England’s freezy city, to Lima’s burning beaches I have returned with a different mentality. A different way to approach things. Now, my character may still be the same, and I have no plans to change it due that I’ve worked hard to develop my own character and stand out from the rest, but something that I’ve definitely seen and teacher have pointed out to me is that I have another mentality towards learning. I believe that I’ve reached a level of maturity that doesn’t let me say “Que flojera!” (“I’m too lazy”) or “No la hago” (“I don’t want to do it”), I feel that this trip has helped me develop that character that I’m working on by taking me to the next step. And that’s what I did on my summer break.