Im still job hunting. I have spent some of this time off thinking about what the future holds for me. Ive come to the conclusion that this is apparently the time God has chosen to test my faith. So much has happened to me in the last couple of months and God is the only way i got through it. My dad passed away at the end of october. I got the call he wasnt doing well and wanted to go see him and tell him bye but had no extra money. A family member bought my plane ticket so i could see him. At that point, i gave ot to God. I have a way there and ill be able to see my dad but i dont know where Ill stay or if ill be able to eat for 11 days. God provided for me so I could see my dad. I more or less lost my job recently and have no income. God is providing for my bills though. He seems to be repeating to me that I just need to trust him and everything will be ok. At times it hard to just believe everything will work out but somehow it just keeps working out. I wonder why God wanted me to take time off work. I am not losing my faith through this. I know God has a plan. I kinda wish he would share it with me though.