Boost your Health with these Vastu Tips

Vastu shastra is the ancient Hindu science on direction, construction, designing and construction of living spaces so that it brings maximum benefits to its occupants. A building which is designed as per the vastu rules has proven to boosty the career, personal relations as well as the health of its inmates.

If you too are looking for good health and happiness then follow these vastu shastra tips and experience a positive change in your health as well as the health of your near and dear ones. Vastu shastra for health suggests that:

One should always sleep with the head towards the south direction. Also one should never sleep under a beam, as this might lead to pain in the body part which faces the beam while sleeping.
In case you use earthen pots for water, then make it a point that it is not black in color. Water from black earthen pots may cause urinary and kidney disorder among females in the house. Rather whitish pink color is recommended by the vastu shastra.
The location of kitchen is very vital in vastu. It is recommended that you have your kitchen in the southeast direction of the house.
Likewise the water tank should be either in the north or the northeast direction.
Also food grains should not be placed under staircase as ]per the vastu rules.
Avoid placing a mirror in front of your bed. Along with this make it a point that all the broken mirrors are removed/ thrown away from your house or office.
In vastu shastra the middle portion of the house is regarded as the “brahmasthan” and thus it is important that you do not place any heavy furniture in the middle of your house.
Keep the heavy weight generators in the northwest or the southeast direction of your building.
Avoid the use of grey, black and brown colors in your bedroom. Instead. Vastu shastra for health recommends the use of light blue, light green and off-white colors, as these colors make the occupants feel fresh and boost their creativity.
Most of all the main door of your house should be either in the east or the north direction.

Along with these points it is important that you keep your house and surroundings clean and clutter free. Following these tips is sure to improve your and your family’s health.

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