Free Vastu Tips for Home that Bring Peace, Prosperity and Happiness

Imagine a beautiful home without where people keep on quarreling each other, where there is unrest and lack of prosperity, where people remain unhappy and dissatisfied. No body wants to live in such a home filled with troubles and neither will you. It is therefore important to construct your homes as per the Vastu Shastra for home rules. Let us first see what Vastu is actually.

What is Vastu actually?

Vastu is an age-old practice of sticking to certain rules to maintain and develop building which can harness the positive energies that surround us. This age-old practice of Indian civilization is capable of delivering effective results and abodes made as per the Vastu rules are filled with prosperity and peace. Let us have a quick look at the 10 valuable Vastu tips for home.

Important Vastu Tips for Home:

· Open courtyards in the center of home do a lot of good. These courtyards in the residential properties are advisable.

· Pooja and entrance room should always be in the North-East zone. This brings wealth and prosperity to homes.

· Bedrooms should always be constructed in the Southern side.

· As per a Vastu rule, cooking should be done in the East side and hence your kitchens should face east.

· Numbers of the windows and doors should always be in an even number.

· If your bedroom is in the South-west corner it should always be used by the heads of your home like your parents. If you are a breadwinner of the home, your bedroom should be in the North-west side.

· Doors of your pooja rooms should have double shutters with 4 frames.

· Deity placed in the pooja room should face West east and North.

· Keep in mind that all doors of your home should open inside that the energy remains inside your rooms.

· Toilet doors should never face the dinning hall or the Kitchen.

· Never make kitchens or doors just in front or next to the toilet.

· Bedrooms build in the Northern and Eastern sides are not considered to be good as per Vastu for home tips.

· Your furnishing items like bed, sofas and dinning tables should not be placed below the attics or beams.

· Photos of the ancestors (your parents or may be grandparents should not be placed in the South-west corner of your homes.

· Doors of your homes should not be bigger than the doors of the entrance of your homes.

· The pooja room should always be in the North-east side. The deities placed in them should never face South and there should be no pooja rooms above the kitchens or toilets.

· Deities placed in the pooja rooms should never face South. As a worshiper you should not face the South direction.

· Do not consider placing television sets in your bedrooms as it results in loss of prosperity.

· All the house furniture and furnishing items should be set in the form of circle, octagon or square.

· Do not place brooms or mops in the kitchen.

· You should consider building your bedrooms where the wind blows from South to west.

· The dinning hall of your homes should never be exposed to the entrance of your homes.

· The doors of your bedrooms and toilets should remain closed all the time.

· Your garden, lawn or patio should be filled with bright colored and fragrance rich flowers.

· Your garden or the backyard should not have tall trees like Banyan, Pipal and should not have thorny bushes like cactus.

· Mirrors in the kitchens should be strictly avoided.

· Keeping fishes in the homes bring prosperity and hence it is good to place aquariums in the South-east corner of the living rooms.

· You should never keep a ladder that faces towards North or West. It leads to the waste of money.

· You should throw away all the torn clothing and withered flowers from your pooja rooms as this prevents the entry of Goddess Lakshmi to your homes.

Vastu for Home Tips for Your Children’s Rooms:

· The most suitable direction for constructing your children rooms is the West. Apart from this direction, Northeast, Northwest, Northeast and Southeast directions are also suitable for their rooms. You should avoid the Southwest direction only.

· Place the bed of your child in the South-west corner. Place your bed in such a way that your kids should face either East or the South direction during the sleep.

· As per a vastu for home tip, the mirror should not be placed opposite to the bed of your children.

· The study table of your child should be placed in the Northeast corner. This will lead to increased concentration.

· Avoid placing computers and television sets opposite to the beds. This reflects just like mirror and hence considered to be a bad omen.

There are many other small things that you should follow to bring all round prosperity and peace to your homes. For instance, to keep happiness at home, you should consider placing the image of bright sun in the Southern wall of your living rooms. Placing a happy family photograph in your living rooms will also bring happiness to your homes. Following Vastu Shastra for homes gives you immense happiness and bring absolute peace and prosperity in homes.

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