Projection & Identity

“Identity is the fruit of projection.”

Image courtesy of : Google’s Deep Mind

As the Machine Learning and on the top of that Artificial Intelligence has set the horizon of future human civilization, people will start to live more realistic and natural life. As we have seen these days, these four: Genomics or Bioinformatics, Virtual Reality(VR), Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Universal Basic Income(UBI) are going to revolutionize our daily medicine, entertainment, technology, and politics or economy respectively. The perspective of our life, in general, which we have seen so far as a student life, as a job holder and a retired life will be changed for forever. Every individual will be an explorer diving into the era of easily available advanced computation and resources. Nobody will be interested in wasting time for cooking, driving etc. Automatization will be there for you. There will be enough time and lots of new interesting thing to ponder. The fundamental question of “Who am I?” will be grown in the mind of everybody ever before.
The thing which you never take apart or never forget to take with you is your body. This body has pure biological in origin. Your body started the journey from a single cell which was created by the mother nature at the middle of the molecular chaos. Each cell of your body has a database called DNA. This database has been copied billions of times after the first single cell(which was you!) was created. Your body is the property of the mother nature. Every element borrowed from nature will be ultimately returned to her. You now stand as the pocket of information carried out by that lump of matter.
A healthy well functioning body would not make much impression in future until it interacts with each other. This is how the communication, learning, friendship, reproduction, etc comes in. This makes a whole system to grow together. Interaction becomes the health of the system. Nature is editing DNA from millions of years using that communication through the web of life. Human civilization has already made groundbreaking progress in networking like internet and telecommunication. The inherent nature of human-made models, for instance in data-driven technology, is also to move from better to the best model. This tuning comes from massively increasing data of human-technology interface, and the parameters and constants learned from the models. The search of this fine tuning will end up in future with DNA of policies for the nation.
What remains to know while you explore inside you is fundamental existence. From where we came. Who am I? The identity we have made for ourselves is indeed the collection of memories from our birth till now. This is a fake identity living in the neural network inside our brain. Scientifically, there is not any identity except your DNA in blood and neural network inside your skull. If you dive into the nuclear level which is beyond the atomic or molecular level, you reach to another reality called Quantum Field Theories(QFT). How you got that DNA has the answer in a long chain of many generations in the history. How you got all those skills, language, etc. has the solution on the thing projected to you from the environment. You started with a vacant and untrained brain and filled it with language, skill, etc. from the surrounding environment. Later on, that becomes your identity. Imagine the identity of a spherical mirror in the middle of nowhere. It can not show any image inside it.It has no identity. If you bring it to the middle of the jungle, you can see everything surrounding it. The whole environment becomes the fake identity of a spherical mirror! This is how we have defined ourselves.
If there is the burst of super intelligence in future, either biologically or through Psycho-Cybernetics, what would be its aim? This fake identity should be broken, and something new and global one should be established.