Life’s Lessons from My Toddler

Play, eat, sleep, repeat

That is exactly the pattern my toddler follows. Wake up, eat, play, tire, and pass out. Day in and day out, but he doesn’t get bored of the routine. Why is that so, you may ask. Because he wants something different to eat every day, devises a new game, and finds a new position to sleep. Encourage curiosity within yourselves too. Apply the same rule to your lives. Find a new fetish, try a new cuisine, work by the window instead today.

Be courageous to try what you don’t know

As long as you have the zeal to learn, it’s okay to fall a couple of times. You’ll eventually stand up and walk. You’ll pronounce a word incorrectly 20 times, but the 21st time, you will get it right.

Never be scared to applaud for yourself

Whether someone else found it worth it or not, toddlers love applauding for themselves. And how great is that. When you know and believe that you’ve achieved something extraordinary, others will eventually encourage that belief.

Make new friends and be nice to people

Embrace new friendships and don’t be judgemental about people. Smile at people you meet in the elevator, shake hands with toddlers in the park, say hello to that old lady sitting on the bench. Everyone has a bad day sometime or the other. A little hello might cheer them up and costs you nothing.

Every bruise tells a story

Don’t be that person who has no stories to share. Some risks are exhilarating. But try them nonetheless. At the end, you’ll bruise a little, but at least you’ll have an exciting story to share.

Forgive and forget

Bumped into the table? Never mind; the table got hurt too. Give it a kiss and move on.

Learn something new every day

Wake up like a clean slate. Learn a new trick. Hum a new song. Dance to a new tune.

Feel excited about your achievements

Whether you joined two blocks together, put all your toys in a line (in order of size), or drew something so extraordinary on DoodlePro that mommy shouldn’t wipe it, feel excited about what you’ve achieved.

It’s okay to drink a bit of the chlorine water while you’re learning to swim

Because it’s all a part of the learning process. Just know that mommy and daddy are right behind you.

And here is my favorite one.

It’s all in the mind.

You can be whatever you want. It’s all in the mind. A superman today, a horsey tomorrow.