Bernie Sanders Is the New Trend — and It’s Getting Viral

I am thrilled to admit that three years ago, on my way to the US for my Ph.D., I had not foreseen — not even in my most hedonistic remote dreams — that a person like senator Bernie Sanders would be competing for the front-run of the Democratic political party. This man, who emphatically labels himself as a democratic socialist, is now gaining an extraordinary momentum, steering towards an unprecedented democratic revolution with vivid socialistic colors.

It is not absurd to claim that given the past century — and especially the cold war that paved the way for the so-called neo-liberal period in the US (and the West in general) — a politician labelling himself “socialist” would have met a near-insurmountable barricade of obstacles for his ideas to make it to the mainstream media.

But look at what’s happening right now in the US — in the very pillar of capitalism; in the land of Wall Street — a person who openly declared war to major banks, hedge funds, big corporations, and the plutocracy overall has been having such a major impact. His ideas have been heard so much into the public that more than 1 million people have donated to his campaign, with an average contribution of 30 dollars.

This last part, a campaign not backed up by big donators, is really fantastic because it indicates the phenomenal support of middle and lower class individuals. It indicates the increased awareness of the American people who no longer put up with the catechism and the propaganda of mainstream media, but are ready to stand united in favour of a stalwart proponent of social equality.

As a conclusion, have a look to this pretty sweat graph.

Show the Trend of the Polls in the Democratic Race
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