In this beautiful world

It is rare that a moment would make an impression on someone’s soul but in the rut of routine we tend to overlook the blessing of having a safe haven and a family. It is strange, how often we tend to ignore all that is beautiful in life and crib about what ought to be. Blessed are all those who could see this beautiful world as their fate was different from that of the young female fetus that was aborted somewhere in India. Blessed are those who have got the right to put forth their reactions (even the social media over-reactions) ,cheers to democracy, but on the other hand, those Syrian refugees for whom we are sharing facebook posts have not only lost their home and family but even their identity. India is a country where women like Arundhati Bhattacharya and Chanda Kochhar set examples for young girls whereas somewhere in the world a young Malala has to face a bullet to earn what should be her right. Blessed are those who have received an education to see the white lies of politicians but there are many others who have somehow got trapped in the dangerous human trafficking network with no chance of dignified life. Talking ill of someone or something is easy only because we are not realizing that somewhere, someone is just praying for the kind of life that we are taking for granted.

But this life that we talk of has surely taken a long time to manifest with the law and order machinery making sure we can sip our coffee and live our life in peace. Blessed are those who have amazing friends to discuss beautiful things in life but somewhere in the background the little kid who brought you the chai is wasting his precious time at that tea stall with little hope of becoming the next Steve Jobs. That said, one still wonders that in reality blessed are those who can touch someone else’s life and make it worth living, or who could convince someone to choose peace over violence. Or maybe that mother who has raised her son to be respectful towards women, or the father who taught her daughter to stand for what is right. Imagine the world where everyone is working bit by bit to make someone else’s world a better place to live and then there would be a hope for every war affected refugee and every Malala.