How many of us wait too long until it’s too late? Or how many of us wait so long to do something that we wish we would have done sooner?

If you want to feel alive, to be in FLOW, to have an appetite for growth, to feel a real sense of accomplishment without the validation of someone else. All it takes is having a vision, and being present.

I have come to learn that if you’re not already doing whatever it is that you want or at least working towards it NOW, you’re probably never going to do it. The only thing stopping you from doing that one thing, are excuses. The lack of time is never an excuse and neither is the lack of energy. If you really want to see someone or do something, you’ll make it work. If you are tired or exhausted, guess what? Energy can be restored. An efficient body needs love and nutrition. If you know how to feed it, relax it, condition it, heal it, then you will always have energy.

One thing a successful person will always tell you is to have a vision. See when you can picture the end result and have the imagination to see yourself there, that’s what keeps you going. When given the option to choose between comfortable and difficult, most people choose comfortable. Most of us would like to stay in bed for an extra 10 minutes, or just binge watch our favorite series. These two activities require no will power.

If you want your vision or your goal to become a reality, you have to think long-term. There might not seem like there’s a direct pay-off or short-term pay off while performing these tasks but it all depends on your perspective. When you’re passionate about something, acting on that passion is enough to get you through anything. If you are not passionate about something you are still teaching your brain good habits like discipline, willpower, and perseverance.

Working hard for some people is a lot of fun and for others, it’s just work. The key difference will always be a person’s passion for something and preference of work task. I recommend that no matter what you choose to do with your life, always have at least one outlet to keep you sane. If that one outlet is your passion and you’re willing to put in the work to make it career, do it. It won’t be easy but the entire journey will be worth it.

I also recommend that you should have more than one outlet to keep you sane. The more outlets you have, the more options that are available to you if one outlet is inaccessible. Some things I like to do are dance, watch videos, make videos, write, socialize, read, yoga, meditate. All of these things are a regular part of my life that fulfill different needs. Some of them I get to do for a living. They all complement each other so that I remain happy, relaxed, energetic and sharp.

I really hope you listen to your intuition, because it’s always right. Don’t wait until you lose someone precious to you to pursue your dreams. Don’t wait until you have settled down and created a family to realize your dreams. Even if you are settled down, it’s never too late. The only obstacle in life is yourself. Don’t wait.

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