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Token migration.

Hello everyone.

This is an important update that needs to be made regarding the VLTY token and its contract.

When the VLTY token was created, it was distributed to different smart contracts. Such as: — Liquidity Rewards, weekly releases. 38.9640% — Seed round, monthly releases. 2.2500%

How to restake your vTokens in new Vaulty pools

This is explaining “How to restake your vTokens in new Vaulty pools”. If you are staking any tokens or LP’s in Vaulty APP now, you need to follow this guide and restake your vTokens in new pools to start getting $VLTY token rewards.

Step 1.

Click on the pool in…

A guide “How to swap the old $VLTY to the new $VLTY”.

Step 1.

Click LINK to swap page, connect your Metamask wallet with old $VLTY tokens.

Step 2.

Click “SWAP”.

Vaulty digest #1

It has been 3 weeks already since our listing, and it is time for us to go through what we have achieved so far:

1. We have managed to add many auto-compounding strategies(claim and restake are automated) in the Vaulty App, and now you can stake your tokens and tokens of liquidity pairs through Vaulty, turning your APR into APY.. From now on, it will not be necessary to stake your…

Vaulty’s Public Sale Whitelist Results

A big thank you to all participating in the Vaulty whitelisting contest!

We got over 1.7M entries in the Vaulty Whitelist Competition. Our team are thrilled by the interest and support!

Whitelist results :

🚨 $VLTY is not yet live nor trading on any secondary exchanges both DEXs and CEXs. We are asking everyone to pay maximum caution and don’t fall for scams. Vaulty team will never DM or mail you asking for funds, private keys or seed phrases etc

Dear community,

As we…

How does it work?

When staking various tokens and LP tokens in the vault, you often see the expected APY percentage that you will receive. But few people know that this percentage can be achieved only by regularly claiming earnings and restaking them so that your main stake grows and…

There’s a large misconception about the interworkings of DeFi and whether you’re getting the best possible return. Many DeFi platforms offer interest returns that crush rates you’d find at your traditional bank. But you could be earning much more interest by properly understanding and utilizing compounding tools.

In this article…

As the defi landscape continues it’s rapid evolution, the variety of projects available to yield investors continues to grow. There are many solutions readily available within the spectrum of vault protocols, but finding the projects that stand out with fresh ideas and consistent performance can be a challenge.

That’s why…

Vaulty: Rebranding to a more Fitting Name

The Hovli project has decided to rebrand itself as Vaulty. Because the project is based around building vaults, we felt the name Vaulty was more fitting for the project.

Besides our name and the logo, nothing is changing. We are still building a revolutionary profit-sharing yield aggregator that combines both traditional DeFi and NFT yield strategies into the same decentralized platform.

The Vaulty name feels natural to our vision: providing investors with a vault service that offers NFT staking and NFT’s reward in addition to regular yields.

Vaulty is continuing to build the perfect platform for those who want to auto-compound their yields, have access to NFT staking, and get a higher APY.

The first yield optimizer with NFT infrastructure.

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