I thought You Loved Me

Mind Prison Drawing ~Cami Neimann

I thought you loved me.

I thought you wanted the best for me.

I thought you wanted to protect me.

I thought I could trust you.

But you swallowed me whole.

You consumed my mind

and left me abandoned

with nothing but a shell

of a lifeless body behind.

I thought I could trust you

when you told me I was fine.

Little did I know you were the one

that created my chaotic mess of a mind.

I thought you wanted the best for me,

so I stood and did nothing

as you forced me into confinement.

you made me think that

I was nothing but a bystander

to the thing that was my life.

I was locked in a personal prison.

I was told to shut everyone out

but you.

I thought I could believe you

when you told me to forget,

forget the life you had stolen from me.

You pierced my porcelain heart

with shards of shattered glass.

You dissected me piece by piece

until I was no more.

Slowly I realize,

I realize I need to escape

from my personal prison.

I need to be more,

more than just a bystander

in the thing I call my life.

Insecurities had haunted my happiness

for too many years now.

So slowly,

I finally start to shut you out.

Sometimes I still think you love me.

That you want the best for me.

That you want to protect me.

Sometimes I feel like I can trust you,

but you fill my mind with poison.

So I clutch onto my life,

and force myself to push you out

because I know

that you’ve done me no good,

even though my mind,

truly thought you loved me.