Customer-Centric Remote Staffing Services in India for a More Fulfilling Business Experience

You can hire made-to-order employees from remote staffing firms in India. It’s a low-cost alternative to traditional outsourcing and a suitable model for organizations with meagre budget.

Marketing consultant Michael Campbell once said that there are no such things as B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer); there are only P2P (person to person) business transactions. Even if you think that it’s one faceless corporation dealing with another, it’s really one person with purchasing power establishing a personal relationship with another person, a supplier capable of delivering goods.

India is a favorite destination for remote staffing services in addition to its leading position in conventional outsourcing from the beginning. What really distinguishes it from the rest is the level of personalized solutions it’s capable of delivering. It bridges the existing gap in outsourcing as felt by small & medium sized enterprises active in business areas such as Internet marketing, software development, law, healthcare, IT, Finance & Accounts, content writing and human resources.

As a small business owner, you need substantial business results from a cohesive team that only remote staffing firms can provide in a cost-effective manner. India’s remote staffing companies put customers at the center of business operations in this consumer-driven world. Their focus is on the customers, not products. They believe in supplying thoroughbred employees who are reasonably priced so that any low-budget organization can easily afford them.

VirtualEmployee Private Limited is an outsourcing company in India that first introduced the concept of virtual employee as an alternative model to hiring local employees. They are highly skilled workers characterized by dedication, unswerving focus and commitment to work. They never work for more than a client at a time. They operate out of a virtual environment fitted out with state-of-the- art workplace technology.

VE’s brand of offshoring works best for your contingent and standing workforce requirement. It assists you hire manpower resources that are better than freelancers and in-house staff both in terms of dependability and cost. As such, it serves as your offshore office in India with full supervision of the employees by qualified managers on your behalf.

An innovative outsourcing model like virtual employment seeks to give you an effective employee hiring process that is becoming popular by the day. It’s an alternative arrangement by which your real business concerns are addressed. It’s where you get to choose who you work with and at the same time save your operating costs.

The positive psychological impact of working with such a professional team from a controlled workstation says it all. They exactly know what you want and are always ready to add value to your outsourcing business. They make it a special customer service every time.

Start working with a team that you can call your own

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