Drupal vs WordPress — What to Choose

While WordPress is a user-friendly platform, Drupal offers more security. Read on to learn about the one that will be more suitable for your business.

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To make a business grow online, it is important to have a flawless website. The finest ones are powered by easy-to-use content management systems as they allow one to make changes without much difficulty. If you are looking forward to creating a presentable website, look no further than Drupal and WordPress. The two are in high demand in the market because of their amazing features. However, it is the unique requirements of a firm that determine the platform that is going to suit it the most.
Meanwhile, let us do a comparison between the two platforms that we have discussed above:

#1 Ease of use

WordPress is a user-friendly platform. It is the best choice for beginners and those who want to create a small or medium-sized website. Some of the reasons that make it so popular amongst newbies are as follows:

Easy to Install: It takes less than 5 minutes to install a WordPress website. If it seems difficult to do it manually, one can use tools like Fantastico for automatic installation.

Customization: Several developers offer a wide variety of plug-ins for WordPress; at present, these are nearly 37,000 available for use. These plug-ins comprise premium themes that can make your website look highly professional and that too at low costs.

Community Support: The support forum of WordPress is the best source of help. Users facing operational and technical issues can post their queries on it and ask for help. There are many developers, contributors etc. who will be ready to answer without taking much time.

When it comes to Drupal, things are much more complicated as compared to WordPress.

Technically Advanced: It is not meant for beginners. Only experienced professionals can handle this CMS as it is technically more advanced.

Back-end: Drupal has a complex back-end; if a user encounters any technical problem, they cannot fix the issue if they lack good knowledge of the subject.

Community Support: It has a big community to support its users; however, it is not as big as the one on WordPress.

Therefore, WordPress scores over Drupal when it comes to ease of use and is an ideal choice for beginners. However, a user may have this concern that if Wordpress is such an easy-to-use platform, does it ensure security as well?

#2 Security Management

When it comes to security, WordPress has comparatively lower standards than Drupal. The plug-ins that are available to simplify the management of the former actually make it more vulnerable as well. As per the statement of Daniel Cid (researcher), about 16,000 WordPress-based sites failed to pass Google’s safe browsing checks in 2016. If we consider Drupal, its security standards are appreciated by governments internationally. A few examples of government websites built on Drupal are as follows:






While most say that keeping a website up-to-date is the best way to ensure security on either of the two platforms, Drupal is perhaps more reliable because of its dedicated resources. It has a team of developers and contributors who are available round the clock to fix security issues. Also, it is less vulnerable to attacks. There are specific protocols that prevent outsiders from entering or harming the Drupal’s file system.

The next question is — If a platform has such high-security standards, will it be a cost effective option too? Let us now find out which of the two platforms can be more cost-saving.

#3 Cost Effectiveness

As WordPress is an easy-to-install platform, it can save you a good amount of money when it comes to website development. Also, WordPress developers are easily available because of the platform’s high popularity and low cost services. Comparatively, it can take more time to search for specialists who can handle Drupal. After you’ve reached them, you must be prepared to pay them a heavy price for fixing the complex issues that you encounter in your platform.

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Drupal and WordPress have their own pros and cons. Both are capable of fulfilling the different requirements of a user; however, from the analysis above, we have learned that Drupal is an ideal choice for professionals while WordPress is the best option for beginners and non-developers. If you expect a speedy growth for your website, you should know that Drupal has better caching and performance to help you with the same. However, if your priority is ease of use, WordPress would be a better choice. Thus, it is important for users that they identify their requirements early on so that making a choice becomes easier.