Things to Consider While Hiring Remote Animator

Looking forward to hiring a remote animator from India? Read the article to know what to consider before taking this important decision. Learn 3 key tips.

Hire Animator India

India is the second largest entertainment industry after Hollywood with a lot of potential. A huge resource with a pool of the best talents in animation has certainly made India a pioneer in this domain. There are huge production studios that are equipped with world-class hardware equipment and software like SoftImage, SFX, SGI, 3DMAX, Frame Grabbers, Sound Blaster, MPEG cards, and conferencing solutions for animation works. The post-production and sound-editing suites with higher ISDN bandwidth availability become more viable to operate across any part of the globe.

Huge entertainment companies like Sony and Walt Disney have associated with Indian animation organizations for TV animation deals. More than 200 companies rated as Fortune One Thousand have outsourced animation, software and multimedia tasks to India.

Hiring remote animators from India will be good for your business because of the skill sets they have. Here are 3 things to consider while hiring remote animators from India:

1.Accreditations and Awards

A good animator will possess proper certifications that will stand testimony to their ability to execute a project with finesse. An industry-approved accreditation will certify that the professional practices followed by the resource are satisfactory and it will also suggest that they are ethical and engage in suitable quality assurances. Accreditation is an assurance that you will be working with a secure outsourcing partner.

2.Technical Expertise

The 2D and 3D animation industry has undergone a huge change in the past decade. Hire a remote animator who is well-versed with these changes and is aware of nuances such as morphing, onion skinning as well as interpolated roto-scoping to create 2D images. The person you hire should also have fair knowledge of 3D prototype, special effects, 3D modeling, engineering simulations and character animations.
Storyboarding is an essential technique in which a chain of illustrations or images are arranged in order to pre-visualize your video or motion graphics project. A good animator must be able to create such graphics to avoid mistakes while shooting the project and while helping your crew visualize things like lighting, camera angles etc. This technique can help you save money.
3.Dig in to their past experience

You need to dig into the past of a potential remote animator that you are looking forward to hiring from India. This particular information is needed to help you understand their background, skills and most importantly to figure out who will partner you in your animation journey. Any mistake in hiring the right employee like delay in project delivery, sub standard animation and loss of money can be disastrous for your brand’s reputation. You must go through their client portfolio. Browse through their client list and email or call them to know the quality of work provided by them.

India as an outsourcing destination for all kinds of multimedia designs and websites, animation projects & video animations, modeling & rendering, and flash & animated interactive media is endowed with a huge group of graphic artistes, illustrators, and cartoonists with ample expertise. With unmatched quality, competitive pricing, unique approach, faster TAT and world class service, India has become a global player in animation projects.

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