Business Intelligence — the Best Tools for Small Business

The accessibility to business intelligence tools has always been something of a privilege, one reserved for larger corporations with a bigger bank roll. The last few years has seen a number of products hit the market, all claiming to provide the next best thing in intelligence gathering and analytics. Today, we have found ourselves in an oversaturated market, and in turn this has helped bring overall costs of products down. The drop in price and ease of accessibility has helped flush out programs that work great for all sorts of companies, big and small, opening a whole world of possibilities heading into 2017.

Google Analytics is a free to use program that relies on all the information Google collects and arranges it into an easy to use dashboard. This helps provide website information with a lot of information regarding their website’s traffic. What makes this program so great (other than being free) is that the information provided can be arranged in such a way that your sales department can key in on exactly what information people visit the most, where they are from, devices they visit from and so on, allowing them to optimize their approaches to lead generation and marketing for a more profitable delivery system. But don’t expect Google Analytics to make it easy, there will be a learning curve for whomever under takes it.

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one Employee Collaboration tool with CRM management features that really helps keep everyone connected in this busy age. Available in both desktop and app form, Bitrix allows your employees to share important information, discuss projects through chat and phone messaging systems, Manage projects and keep employees on task, and so much more. It also has a powerful CRM tool that helps keep track of sales from start to finish in a nicely laid-out display. Bitrix is free to get going, but will cost a monthly subscription the more features you use or the more employees you have.

Jaspersoft is billed as one of the business world’s most used, most flexible and most affordable BI solutions, Jaspersoft empowers your organization with tools for better analytics and decision-making. This is a self-service product, which means that it requires little IT intervention to generate powerful data insights that help your organization create actionable answers to any question.

We know what you might be thinking, why on earth would we include this? The truth is, in todays business culture, if you want to attract more attention you need to operate your social media efficiently (this goes for most industries, but not all), which takes up time. But what a lot of businesses do not realize is that most social media platforms come with powerful insights and analytics tools, letting you into some very important information regarding how people feel and interact with your product. Some of them, like Facebook, even offer analytic recommendations as to what you should do next to attract more people. This information can be transferred into many other aspects of your business planning. And these platforms are free!

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