Startup Story: How We Got 5000+ B2B Users in One Year

AeroLeads is a prospect generation software started with a vision to provide an intelligent solution to otherwise cluttered sales process. This is done by automating the process of finding the relevant prospect details associated with the business of our clients irrespective of the business type.

The idea was conceived by Pushkar Gaikwad in December 2014 as a side project. Pushkar, the founder of AeroLeads, had started various other ventures such as WorkMonk and InBoundio in the past. This former entrepreneurial journey made him realise how oppressive lead generation was.

 >Within the first 50 days of releasing the beta version, AeroLeads acquired over 250 B2B users
 >And in just about a few weeks we landed a Fortune 500 client, IBM
Now we cater to over 5000+ B2B users from across the globe.

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