How to send a cold-email with a pigeon

This post originally appeared on the Veed blog

It’s Wednesday morning. Your workday can’t move on until you get that crucial email response. You could send a standard follow-up, or you could be more fun and send a pigeon.

Image for post
Image for post

Drawing from centuries of tradition, we decided to attach our message to an animal far more personal and hard to ignore than an email. Our tiniest intern Steve was up for the job.
With the message inside his plastic body and some tape to hold the address on, our messenger was ready to soar to the post office and straight to our prospect.
As must always be done with birds, we tweeted his imminent arrival:

Following-up with a post on Reddit:

Steve accomplished his mission and we got a response immediately, securing the meeting we needed! As well as a reply tweet from John Lewis:

It goes to show that, while small companies may have a tough time doing business with far larger ones, and yes this may be a little silly, a little creativity can give you an advantage and some extra marketing as a plus! Check out our video of the entire journey:

Some ideas for future improvements:
-Carry the pigeon with a drone
-Send an exponentially-increasing number of pigeons each day before resorting to Hagrid
-Train a live pigeon to email

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