Small businesses can stay productive by using these 9 apps

Small businesses need more than just a good strategy to remain profitable. With productivity being at the epicenter of every problem, Small businesses struggle to keep up with the daily tasks. This is where productivity apps come in.

Take a look at 9 apps below, which can improve the productivity of small businesses, as researched by FATbit Technologies.

Timecamp — Keeping track of billable hours can be difficult if no right tool is deployed. Using tools like Timecamp, a small business owner can also get time and cost forecast for future projects enabling him to work efficiently by making appropriate deadlines. To keep the productivity level high, it also comes with a feature to block websites that take up useful time of team members.

Asana — Every project has a lot of sub-tasks. It falls on the shoulders of a manager to keep track of such tasks. However, by using Asana, any manager can keep track of all the project related activities from just one screen.

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