Official Vega Announcement [ANN] Published — Crowdfund Details!


I’m proud to officially announce our crowdfund and Vega token details. There has been a lot of work going into this in the past few months for our marketing campaign, proof of concept application, hiring new prospects, and planning our big announcement. So here it is ladies and gentleman…

This is also a bit of a preview of some graphics coming to our new website!

The next steps and releases on our Roadmap will include:

  • Publishing the new website and crowdfund countdown
  • Press releases and articles published prior to the ICO
  • Continuing the POC for the upcoming live presentation
  • ICO begins Nov. 24th and is scheduled to end Dec. 16th of 2017

I encourage you all to join our Discord and post on our recent thread on BitcoinTalk!

Brian Carter
CEO, Architect Manager
Vega Intelligent Solutions, LLC