I used to love guns, too. Now I think of them as emergency equipment, like fire extinguishers.
Bill St. Clair

“ If you’re sober, and carry a gun as emergency equipment, I salute you.”

If you are trying to stop violence it makes absolutely no rational sense to do violence in order to end violence. People don’t see someone commit violence and say “That person used violence, so it’s ok for him, but it’s not ok for me.”

People have been using violence to try to solve problems that involve violence, and end violence altogether, for all of recorded history. People who promote using violence claim that it’s necessary or something terrible will happen. But everyone has been using violence since the dawn of time, and something terrible always keeps happening. We’re engaging in more violence now than in any other time īn our history, per capita, and it’s only getting worse, not better. We’ve never tried not using violence as a species to “solve our problems.” It’s never been done. Any problem that’s come up, someone has always resorted to violence to “solve” it.

We keep trying the same thing over and over and over again, and we still have the problem of violence. If violence could solve the problem of violence, we’d be living in a 100% peaceful paradise by now.

We seem to think that being the one to end violence is always the responsibility of someone else: “I would be non-violent, but ‘they’ won’t be, so I can’t, or else they will destroy me.” Don’t say “We can’t stop using violence because THEY will never stop using violence.” “They” are saying the same thing about YOU. In the majority of wars, both sides think the other one will utterly destroy them if they don’t destroy the other side first.

It’s not the responsibility of “the other” to end violence by being non-violent. It’s the responsibility of each of us. Each one of us needs to make the decision to not ever use violence for any reason and also educate others why they should not ever use violence either. Until then, the cycle of violence will just continue.

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