Smartphone recommendations, August 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note9 in Ocean Blue

Alright, alright, I know this was supposed to be a monthly thing but it turns out that the mobile tech landscape doesn’t change that much during the summer season. Even now, I can only make some slight adjustments to the original list but I hope these changes are just enough for a couple of people to make the right purchase.

My choices are based on a balanced mixture of worthy design, screen, performance, camera quality, software (support), battery life, and price.

All phones are available in the UK (most likely in the US and other European countries as well) on Carphone Warehouse’s website (unless otherwise specified) and the prices are for unlocked versions only.

Best affordable phones (<£300)
Nokia 6 2018 (£229, at the time of writing: £199)
Xiaomi Mi A2 (£210-£250 on
Motorola G6 Plus (£269, at the time of writing: £239)

Best mid range phones (£300 — £500)
Nokia 7 Plus (£349, at the time of writing: £299)
Honor 10 (£399, at the time of writing: £359)
OnePlus 6 (£469<)

Best flagship phones (>£500)
Samsung Galaxy Note9 (£899)
Huawei P20 Pro (£669)
Google Pixel 2 XL* (£629, at the time of writing: £549)
Apple iPhone X* (£999<)

Any requests, comments, please feel free to leave comments!

*Price drop expected as new models are to replace these in autumn.

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