Battling the Stigma of Gaming
Justin Schmidt

I love the advice to talk about games like you would TV or movies!

Though your advice to developers–fight harassment & use games to educate players w/ real world knowledge–is not so simple. As a game dev myself, I can say most of my peers actually do want to fight harassment in their games but literally aren’t allowed to implement features/employ game moderators/etc. because their publishers doesn’t see the value or simply see harassment as a low priority.

Game development is a business and the vast majority of development studios basically live paycheck to paycheck from publishers who tell the studio what they are and aren’t allowed to implement. If you want to do things like fight harassment in games, you can’t rely on the developers’ altruism; you need to convince the publishers that it’s worth it. Increased engagement? Increased revenue? Larger audience? Figure out a vehicle for users to demonstrate to publishers that there is a demand to make their game worlds friendlier!

In the meantime, myself and most of my peers in game development continue to push their publishers to allow us to make their own games a safe space for gamers.

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